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Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

Server Name HTTP FTP POP3 PHP Info Server Load Uptime
Avalon Sites US Central server PHP Info
Avalon Sites US East Coast server PHP Info
Unscheduled maintenance: Billing portal maintenance (Scheduled) Medium

Affecting System - Billing portal

  • 24/01/2020 22:00 - 24/01/2020 22:30
  • Last Updated 24/01/2020 16:16

Tonight at 10 PM Eastern time (Thursday January 23rd)  we will be performing unscheduled maintenance on our billing portal There will be a brief outage to the billing portal (30 minutes maximum) while updates are applied but no other side effects are expected. All web-hosting and email services will be unaffected. This maintenance contains bug fixes and usability improvements.

Update: This maintenance has been rescheduled to tonight  (Friday January 24th) at 10 PM Eastern time.

Planned maintenance: Linux Server migration (Scheduled) High

Affecting Server - Avalon Sites US Central server

  • 25/01/2020 23:00 - 26/01/2020 00:00
  • Last Updated 11/01/2020 16:40

Starting at 11 PM EST on Friday December 27th we will be performing planned maintenance on US Central Linux server. Users on this server may experience a brief outage while the server is rebooted but no other side effects are expected. This maintenance will speed up website load times and decrease access latency.

Update: This maintenance will be rescheduled to January 25th.